A history of marine service

The beginning of the work was with ships crossing the Suez Canal, where we buy waste from ships and noticed that not all ships sells waste and thus began thinking in supplies and spare parts in the sense that serve ships crossing the Suez Canal and the ships stationed in the Egyptian ports.

Hence the beginning and our dealings with international companies such as (Tideway-SDI) and all that concerns us is that he have the confidence of the captain of the ships and companies. Taking certifications from international companies and this for us is more important than money.

Work continued in the best standards of efficiency, quality and safety until it was selected from among many companies in 1992 to work in the project of deepening the waterway of the Suez Canal Company with the participation of Dedger International N / V and Jandenl until 1994 After that we continue to work agents and suppliers of ships transiting the Suez Canal until 1999, we co-operate in the project Sokhna Port Sokhna dredging costume overcast from 1999 to 2000 between the Union of the three companies:

  • 1- dredger international
  • 2- HAM
  • 3- Great Lake

The history has increased the size of the business as agents and suppliers in global companies and increase the diameter of the company that ships in the port of Safaga, Nuweiba and Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, Hurghada, Suez, Alexandria, Damietta and Port Said.

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